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Home at Last Farm

Giving Back to Help Animals In Need

19 Jan RosewoodEquine 0 Blog

An important thing to me, as a horse lover, is supporting those who save, rescue, and rehabilitate horses. With any type of rescue you have to be careful and look into their practices and morals to make sure you are donating to a good, ethical program. I need to know where my money is going and who it will benefit.

I chose to support Home At Last, a non-profit animal rescue based in New Hampshire. They rescue animals of all sizes, specializing in miniature horses. The head of the program, Ali, is great about updating the Facebook page with what is happening on the farm and where donated funds go. I chose this rescue also because I believe in Ali, and what she represents. She’s a strong animal lover who puts the needs of the farm first.

Whether you donate money, time, or things, you are helping an animal get the second chance they deserve. I recommend you pick a charity you are passionate about because it will also make you feel whole. New year, new you, open your heart to those in need.

To support Home At Last Farm please visit their website at www.homeatlastfarm.org.

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