Horse Shows

Competitive Horse Shows

At Rosewood Equine we participate in several local and regional horse shows every year. Our experienced show horses and coaching give all of our students the opportunity to have fun and succeed in these competitions. At shows we believe in a relaxing, positive environment driven by our strong community and the relationships we develop in our lessons, practices, and other events.

Students can work with their instructor to determine what show opportunities are best for them. One-day shows typically occur on Sundays are and a great fit for beginner and intermediate riders, or anyone looking to get more experience in the show ring. Multi-day shows and fairs are typically three or four days in length and give our advanced riders the opportunity to compete at a higher level.

Show Pricing:

4H Show: $100

One-day Show: $125

Three-day Show: $575 + trucking

Deerfield Fair: $750 + trucking

2020 Show Schedule:

AHCC | May 8-10 (3-day show)

AHANE | May 29-31 (3-day show)

NEFHC Classic | June 19-21 (3-day show)

Arabian Regionals | July 9-12

Cheshire Fair | July 31 – August 2 (3-day show)

NHAHA | August 7-9 (3-day show)

Deerfield Fair | September 26-29

Octoberfest | October 29 – November 1 (3-day show)

Rosewood Equine Horse Show

Lora and Baxter on a Victory Pass

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