We help your horse reach its full potential

At Rosewood Equine we use a variety of techniques to develop your horse's skills and behavior. We offer basic and advanced groundwork including longeing and long lining. Under saddle we use a gentle approach to enhance the horse's natural abilities.  From starting a new horse to preparing for your big show, our training will help you have the best possible experience with your horse. 

Contact us today to discuss your goals and how we can help your horse reach its full potential.

Training Board

For those who are looking for training while their horse is boarded we offer multiple options. Our basic plans feature training rides two or four days per week. We recognize that every situation is different and are always open to customizing a plan to suit your needs.


Training Board (2 days/week) - $650

Training Board (4 days/week) - $850

Our training philosophy involves patience and positive reinforcement to develop strong techniques while also promoting calm and relaxed behavior

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