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Should I board my horse?

09 Apr RosewoodEquine 0 Blog

Owning a horse is a very intimate and rewarding experience. It also comes with many challenges and expenses. One of the biggest questions most new owners will ask themselves is “Should I board my horse or keep her at home?” Let’s review the major factors that go into this decision, and discuss how to find a great boarding facility if you choose to board.

Do you have time to care for your horse?

Caring for your horse is a large commitment. With daily chores like cleaning stalls and paddocks, multiple feedings, repairs, and maintenance you may find that your entire schedule revolves around horse care. If you find this manageable you must also consider how much traveling you intend to do. Any time you are out of town for a day or more, you will need someone your trust to cover for you.

On the plus side, keeping your horse in your back yard means no travel time. If you want to ride, groom, or even just watch your horse you can do it at any time.

How much does boarding cost?

Boarding prices vary greatly by area, so be sure to research several nearby barns. Be sure to inquire about what costs are and are not included in the board fee. Most full board facilities will include the cost of hay, grain, and bedding in their price. Remember to account for this when you compare prices. Now that you are not buying your own supplies, you may find boarding is cheaper than you thought!

Can I trust someone else to care for my horse properly?

This is often the biggest question owners have to ask. You love your horse and require consistent skillful care for her. To answer this question you should engage with the owner or barn manager of a prospective facility and review your needs with them. Most respected boarding facilities will be very professional and accommodating, but it is always best to make sure your philosophies agree before you move in. Many facilities will have reviews or testimonials available from current or past clients to help you learn which facility is right for you.

How do I choose where to board?

This is a personal decision that requires accounting for several factors. Consider each point below when weighing your decision:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Indoor/Outdoor Arena Availability
  • Quality of Barn & Facility
  • Secure Tack Storage
  • Hay/Feed Quality
  • Individual or Group turn out
  • Barn Hours

If boarding is the right choice for you be sure to be as thorough as possible in choosing the right facility. Choose a place where you always feel welcome, and have complete confidence in the staff to care for your horse as well as you would at home.

At Rosewood Equine we make every effort to provide the ideal boarding facility to all of our clients. We give your horse the same love and care that we give our own. If you are interested in boarding with us we will be happy to schedule a free tour of our facility and to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!


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