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What to look for in horseback riding lessons

21 Mar RosewoodEquine 0 Blog

How to find the right trainer and program for you or your child

If you’re new to the horse world you may find it difficult to evaluate your options when looking for a horseback riding lesson program. Fortunately, there are a few simple factors you can review to help with your decision.

Meet the instructor(s)

Your instructor is the most important factor in the quality of your lessons. Take the time to learn about their experience level and teaching philosophy. A good trainer will discuss your goals with you and help to select the right horse and discipline to help you grow.

Explore the facility and meet the horses

You can learn a lot from simply observing the facility and the horses. Is everything clean and organized? Do the horses look happy and healthy? Answering “yes” to questions like these should give you confidence that the program is well run and the trainer(s) and barn staff are responsible and compassionate.

Observe a lesson

Many facilities will allow you to observe the ongoing lessons during or after your tour. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the lesson atmosphere and to see the horse(s) and trainer in action. Pay attention to the  quality and behavior of the horse as well as the teaching style of the trainer. Imagine yourself in the student’s position and consider whether or not this is the right learning environment for you.

Define your goals

Any good program will ask you up front what your goals are. Do you want to compete in local shows? National competitions? Or do you just want to go for a relaxing trail ride? What discipline(s) interest you? Discussing these goals with your prospective trainer will help them to fit their program to your needs, or to make recommendations if they are unable to accommodate your goals.

The more information you gather in this process, the more confidence you will have going into your first lesson.

At Rosewood Equine we recommend that all prospective students meet with us for a free tour and an opportunity to discuss their needs and goals. We believe this gives us the best opportunity to serve our students by developing the perfect program to achieve those goals.

Our facility is open every day. Please contact us today to schedule a tour with us!

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